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Established in 1948, Foamtreads has grown to become the oldest vulcanized slipper brand in North America. Foamtreads is a quality line of slippers that has enjoyed a strong franchise for over 50 years in the marketplace. Foamtreads stands for fine workmanship and only uses high quality materials.

Foamtreads vulcanized slippers are manufactured from 100% natural plantation rubber. Our success with vulcanized slippers has given us the opportunity to introduce other constructions such as cement, stitch & turn, and side stitch with the same success. Our customers now have a vast selection of products they can choose and receive the same high quality that they have come to expect from Foamtreads.

We are also able to offer several widths and sizes that are not standard in the industry. Foamtreads shoes are a lifestyle that stands for comfort and style. Foamtreads slippers can be used by the whole family for indoor as well as outdoor wear. In today's world, people need comfort for their feet when they take off their shoes, and Foamtreads meets all those requirements.