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It began in a small factory started by my Grandfather in Austin TX. He spent a large part of his boyhood in that factory where three generations worked together to make classic hand-made leather moccasins.

Over the years the company has been passed from grandfather-father-son and daughter. The company is still run out of Austin, but they no longer have that factory. Today they have a legacy to continue and a dream to fulfill to create a new modern aesthetic giving these classics a new twist. Without the support of family, they could not have done this.

It is their family of five that inspired the name Five Tribe. Today their creative team at Five Tribe is making a new category of footwear, reinterpreting and remixing time-tested designs with luxury detailing, fashion and comfort. Influenced by current and vintage trends and combining them with high-impact bottoms and all leather uppers, creating a look and feel of undeniable appeal and longevity.

As a family owned business they take considerable pride in the attention to how these shoes are made. What goes on your feet is important to them. They are continuously searching for the most beautiful materials and ornamentation from around the globe to offer you a quality experience.

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