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A family owned company, 5.10 (also known as Five Ten) has stood at the forefront of fine craftsmanship, high-performance and fashion forward technical designs within the outdoor industry since 1985. Born with a rich rock climbing heritage, 5.10 is known worldwide for the high-quality, fit and friction of their shoes, where footwear can make the difference between success and failure. Today, they continue to bring their climbing heritage to all of their products, as well as exciting innovation, quality craftsmanship and unmatched durability. Climbers, kayakers, mountain bikers, hikers, trail runners, canyoneers, and everyone else who wants technical/fashionable outdoor footwear depend on 5.10 for safety, state-of-the-art innovation, and out-of-the-box comfort.

As a huge climbing enthusiast, Charles Cole, founder and President of 5.10, knows that a good grip on a well-made shoe means everything. Determined to create a better rubber to make climbing easier, Charles developed Stealth© rubber soles, which increase the amount of body weight the rubber could bear before its bond broke away from the rock. By merely purchasing a new shoe, climbers could better climb with a sure-footed grip. Pushing the envelope even further, Cole continues to expand 5.10 soles even further with Stealth© S1, Stealth© C4, Stealth© HF (high friction), Stealth© Amphibia (water compatible), and Stealth© ONYXX, which provides 25% more friction and is twice as durable as any other climbing rubber available.

Stealth© rubber was just the tip of the iceberg for Cole and 5.10. Responsible for today's modern rock shoe design, Cole invented a plethora of firsts which include: the first sling shot rand, the first down-turned last, the first heel wedge to cushion impact, adding pull tabs on both climbing and approach shoes, baseball stitching to alleviate hot spots, graded midsoles to adjust the shoe's flexibility to different weights, the first self-draining water shoe and the first ankle to toe lacing on an approach shoe to allow for a performance custom fit. Throughout the years, there have been various 5.10 innovations, and in the years yet to come, their dedication will lead to many more.

As the shoe-of-choice for the world's top climbers, 5.10 is 100% committed to innovation and performance. All of their unique footwear designs have been produced with one goal in mind: to do what is best for outdoor sports athletes who use 5.10 shoes. From hiking to paddling to mountain biking, recreational and expert athletes alike know that Five Ten means more than footwear- Five Ten shoes are essential equipment for adventure. Rest assured that 5.10 is working hard on next season's models and that they will be bringing something wild, new and exciting into the world of adventure sports.

Five Ten Where unique comfort, durability and technological advances combine to create the best footwear in the world.

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