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Fallen shoes were built for one simple thing: skateboarding. Born from the streets, from the skate communities across the world, Fallen has quickly become the shoe of the choice for the real skaters, the kids and pros alike that are pounding the pavement every day just to expand their bag of tricks.

Founded by Jamie Thomas in 2003, Fallen Footwear has quickly become one of the most respected skate brands in the industry. Designed, tested, and destroyed by their team to ensure quality and durability, Fallen footwear is known for creating shoes that have the looks, but are, above all else, completely skateable. And with a team of riders like Jamie Thomas, Chris Cole, Billy Marks, Josh Harmony, Tommy Sandoval, Tony Cervantes, James Hardy, and Brian Hansen, you’d expect nothing else. They’re the movers and shakers that are inspiring the up-and-comers, each leaving their mark on the industry with their bold and innovative style as well as their signature Fallen shoes.

Fallen footwear is designed purely for skateboarding. They're made for the serious skater looking to rise above every time they roll out, and with Fallen skate shoes, you’ll always be ready to throw down and ride at a moment’s notice. From the streets to the parks, from the hot spots to the undiscovered spots, you’ll always rise with the Fallen.