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Since 1987, Seattle-based ExOfficio has been the category leader in the travel clothing market, offering performance apparel combining technical features, fit, functionality and style. To the untrained eye, most will see ExOfficio clothing and not be aware of all the innovative features and performance technologies. Which is the point. ExOfficio prefers subtle features, the ones you almost forget are there until you realize how comfortable you are because of them. Smart travelers pack ExOfficio to lighten their load, yet they wear it for everyday to simplify their life.

ExOfficio clothing is completely geared and committed to all your outdoor needs, which is why the UV protection is so vital in choosing products. Not to mention that ExOfficio knows how much you move during your adventures, which is why the odor-resistant Give-N-Go stretch performance underwear is made of superfine mesh and can be worn and worn.

In 2003, ExOfficio was the first company to introduce insect repellent clothing to the country, this is a combination of innovative sun protection and insect repellent treatments resulting in the ultimate sun protection. Your clothing needs for outdoor, travel, fly-fishing and much more will be covered with ExOfficio and its promise to high quality and continued innovative products.