Exley NB

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Exley NB® is an outerwear company based out of New England, a region rich in history, soul, and cold weather. So it only makes sense that Exley NB would specialize in apparel for whatever outdoor activities you may have. When you’re out in your element on the slopes, it is nice to know that you’re wearing snow gear from a company that you can trust.

Creating comes naturally to Exley NB. Using only the highest quality of materials, every stitch and seam is carefully created in house. Weather it’s a pullover fleece or an insulated jacket, you know it was made without shortcuts and built to last.

Exley NB believes in things that were inspired from the past and will look great today and tomorrow. Enjoy a parka in a classic cut with a modern twist. You will also have a peace of mind knowing your Exley NB apparel is as strong as you are. You’ll wear our clothes for years to come, wear them well, and maybe even wear them out. At least you can try. And if you succeed, Exley NB will be here.