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ECCO Performance is best known for research, development, & production of the most comfortable & functional walking and running shoes on the planet. The latest project to come from Ecco Performance shoes, Receptor™, has propelled this concept to a new level. The "Rapid Development" division of ECCO shoes partnered with a team of biomechanists from the university of Copenhagen's prestigious Panum Institute. Using technically advanced holistic anatomical biomechanic research, the team advanced the understanding of walking and running as a science. The product of this research is ECCO's most advanced walking shoe ever - Performance Powered by Receptor Technology.

Ecco Performance shoes for the Ecco men’s and Ecco women’s patron have come to love the functionality and Scandinavian practicality apparent in the design and construction of Ecco Performance walking shoes and Ecco Performance running shoes. Ecco men’s and Ecco women’s Performance shoes are conceptualized from the inside out with a focus on comfort while the exterior encompasses stylish trends that draw inspiration from nature and fashion trends.

Ecco Performance technology is a key contributor to the comfortable fit and feel of Ecco men’s shoes and Ecco women’s shoes. Ecco’s “Freedom Fit” fits from heel to instep, allowing toes to spread naturally to better support your weight when you are walking and running in Ecco Performance shoes. Ecco Performance shoes take men and women from work to play, from casual Friday to tee time on Saturday and back through that great hiking trail on Sunday. Ecco Performance men’s shoes and Ecco Performance women’s shoes are made to stand up to all of life’s rigors on whichever trail you find yourself. and Ecco Performance together present this experience.

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Ecco Performance

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