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Dr. Scholl's Work® is passionate and dedicated about creating effortless footwear for both your work life and when you're at play. They believe that fashion and function should always be in perfect harmony, and they design the right work footwear that you can gear up with to get the job done.

Their footwear line includes work clogs, slip-on shoes, sneakers, classic flats, boots, oxfords, and dress shoes, offering you a wide variety to choose from. They want you to confidently put on shoes that keep you comfortable, shoes that promote incredible durability all day long, and slip-resistant shoes with reliable grip. Outsole material will also not scuff or mark floors.

With each design, you get their legendary comfort innovation and a solid promise of uncompromising durability and quality. Their Lock Step Outsole™ meets SATRA TM63 standards for oil resistance and meets SATRA TM144 standards, which is the international standard for dynamic friction measurements. And each Dr. Scholl's Work outsole is designed for maximum traction. In independent lab testing, their shoes beat the industry average for comfort and cushioning.

When you put on a pair of Dr. Scholl's Work shoes, you will always be able to take on whatever the day brings your way. With their moisture and odor-control technology, quality materials, and a nearly century-long commitment to comfort, they take craftsmanship as seriously as you do.