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About Delivering Happiness

Delivering Happiness "It's a movement that just happens to have a book . . ." —Seth Godin

. . . and a clothing line!

Delivering Happiness started as a best-selling book, became a bus tour, and then turned into something bigger than we ever imagined . . . a global happiness movement. Today, we use science, academics, and real-world best practices to help you make happiness the core of your business model and the driving force behind your personal passions.

Now, we’re inviting you to use your clothing to make a statement with us. As a community, we’re determined to share our passion and purpose for happiness with the world, and to create change more than we ever thought possible. When you wear an item from the Delivering Happiness collection you look good and feel good, and you also tell the world that you’re here to inspire and be inspired!

For more information, check out: deliveringhappiness.com facebook.com/deliveringhappiness