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Born from 40 years of Anatomical research, CW-X® Performance apparel incorporates a patented muscle support system called CW-X® Conditioning Web TM into it’s garments. This system reinforces key muscles and joints which allows you to exercise longer without getting as fatigued. The Conditioning Web provides targeted support to all major muscles and joints in the lower torso, which helps increase muscle efficiency, endurance, and power. In short, it allows you to run, hike, ski, bike, longer without getting as tired.

CW-X® Conditioning Wear® clothing provides the true outdoor running enthusiast searching for running tights and baselayers, one of the most fundamentally sound products on the market. CW-X® continues to design and perfect it's products in order for the consumer to reap the healthy benefits they provide.

CW-X® Compression Gear is designed with the endurance athlete in mind. The superior support from our EXO-WEB technology will give you the competitive advantage you need in training and competition. Feel the difference in your muscles and joints while your CW-X Compression Gear provides the support, performance, and results you desire. Shop men's and women's compression tights, tops, sleeves and sports bras for faster recovery, increased circulation and greater efficiency of movement!

If you're in the market for tights and baselayers, CW-X® wants to be your provider. Whether it's the CW-X® running tight, the CW-X® running top, or the women's CW-X® support bras, that peaks your interest, CW-X® athletic apparel will surely earn your trust.

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