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Cougar Logo
Cougar Shoes was founded in Burlington, Ontario Canada in 1948 by Walter Sedlbauer. Reclaiming his craftsman roots, in the early years Sedlbauer made shoes that were handmade and utilitarian. An athletic shoe they called “the Cougar” established their prominence in the early 70’s and they soon took Cougar as the company name.

In 1976 Cougar became one of the few Canadian companies to create a product that would become a part of its heritage. A no–nonsense, though not unattractive, Pillow boot was built first for function; a boot to keep feet warm and dry. Of soft, padded caramel leather, the lace–up, rubber–soled boot distinguished by its red felt lining met the needs of a country that knew a thing or two about long, cold winters and shoveling snow.

Today, Cougar Shoes prides itself on being a multi–generational family business known for making good quality year–round stylish footwear, that is built to perform and last while at the same time looking good. Built for challenging weather, function is never a slave to fashion and in that mix lies the increasingly distinctive Cougar identity.

Whatever the weather. Modern Footwear made to function.