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It all began out on the water. A group of hard-core fishermen wanted to See What’s Out There(R). They wanted to be able to look out on the water through a pair of sunglasses that cut out glare, shut out sunlight and revealed fish below the surface for their next quest. None like that existed, so these dedicated fishermen made it their mission to create them, and Costa Del Mar® has been improving ever since.

Costa has followed its founders’ passion for the water and fishing since the company’s beginning over 20 years ago. With new technologies and designs rolling out constantly, Costa is on a never ending quest to help people see what’s out there. For fishermen, it’s Costa’s polarized lens that gives them an almost unfair advantage against the fish. It’s a treasure for the people who love to fish and a pair of sunglasses that they love to wear. A sunglass that is as necessary as a rod or paddle for anyone who craves to spend every waking hour fishing, exploring uncharted waters, and playing on beaches. Since they introduced their first sunglasses at the 1983 Surf Show in Orlando, the company has continued to search for better everything: a better design, a better way to do things, and a better look and feel to sunglasses that already look and feel great. This obsession for “better” has created major breakthroughs for the company and in the industry. Take their WAVE Technology™.

Short for Wavelength Absorption for Visual Enhancement, WAVE Technology uses a proprietary light-absorbing process that takes total control of the light spectrum and filters light like no other lens out there. Built right into the lenses, this technology can withstand the harshest seawater elements. It’s not just technology that sets Costa apart from other brands in the industry. Costa is as committed to supporting organizations and conservation efforts that promote recreational sport fishing and protect fish and their habitats as it is to designing the best performance sunglasses for serious fishermen. As the official sunglass of the International Game Fish Association (IGFA), Costa understands that education, research, protection and improved regulations and enforcement not only protects our marine environment but the future of recreational fishing. Costa was the recipient of the Industry Representative Conservation Award given by IFGA.

Constantly striving to improve, Costa continues to make a mark in the sunglass industry and among their consumers. They’ve become a leader in the multi billion dollar industry and have no plans of slowing down anytime soon. They’ll always want you to see what’s out there.

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