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Marquis M. Converse opened the Converse Rubber Shoe Company in Malden, Massachusetts in 1908 and started out with winterized footwear for men, women, and children. Soon after, a consistent line of sports performance and sport-inspired footwear including canvas shoes for tennis, Chuck Taylor® All Star® basketball shoes and Jack Purcell® shoes were created. Through innovations, leadership and contributions Converse® has built a shoe brand around the heritage and soul of American sports in the 20th century. Keeping up with the evolution and popularity of basketball, tennis, football, baseball and track, Converse® shoes have become a favorite worldwide.

Over the years, Converse® has created collections in Sports Performance, Sports Lifestyle and Sports Classics. Converse® Sports Performance collection began with the love of basketball itself and features the most popular and storied basketball shoes of all time including the Converse® Chuck Taylor® All Star® shoe. From sport style to everyday lifestyle, the Converse® Sports Lifestyle collection gives originality and self-expression to those who wear them. Sports Lifestyle shoes feature street-style and casual footwear inspired by court, track and tennis athletic shoes. Converse® Sports Classics collection combines creative, original ideas with new materials, colors, prints and special features allowing the world to enjoy updated favorites like the Converse® Chuck Taylor® All Star® and the Converse® Jack Purcell®.

Converse has always met the needs of their customers with style and dedication. The Converse adaptive collection boasts easy on and off shoes with a collapsible heel, slip-on styles, or a wrap-around hook-and-loop closure system. These adaptive shoes are perfect for kids, people with mobility or dexterity problems, people who use wheelchairs, and those that need to fit their shoes around an orthotic or an AFO device. With the launch of the Zappos Adaptive Single and Different Size Shoes Test you can now purchase some of the styles you know and love as a single shoe or a mix-and-match pair of shoes.

With nearly a century of sports history and footwear innovation, Converse® is more than shoes. Its rich history tells a story of American sports and innovators that came together for the love of sports. To this day, Converse® creates footwear that allows them to express who they are. Converse® offers a wide range of stylish sneakers that cater to men, women and children alike. And their ultrasleek eyewear line is not to be taken lightly. To match your sneaker style, Converse also offers a breadth of hats, gloves, and scarves. So, whether you're looking for a pair of old-school Chucks (Chuck Taylor® All Star®) or high-end models such as Jack Purcell® or Converse® Black Canvas®, look no further than Converse®!