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Columbia College

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Let loyalty reign with Columbia® College shirts, jackets, and hoodies featuring your favorite team colors and made to keep you warm, dry, cool, and protected anywhere you roam.

Whether you're at the game or on an adventure, you can support your favorite college team with rugged college outerwear from Columbia® Sportswear.

Who is Columbia®? They try things. That may sound like small potatoes. But more than talent, money, or good looks, trying is the fuel of progress. It’s the spirit that pushes people up mountains, down rivers, and across continents. Trying helped them put little silver dots on the inside of jackets, made shirts that repel bugs, and led to a rechargeable heating system in boots. If you think trying won’t help, remember the Grand Canyon started with one drop of water trying to get to the ocean. And Columbia was born as a small, family hat company in Portland. So try. Try often. Try differently. Try harder. Then try again. Greatness will follow.

Columbia® Collegiate Watches offers fans classic and spirited timepieces with The Team Collection, an expansion to the timing category in the key Core Collections of Outbacker, Canyon Ridge, and Peak Patrol. The Outbacker features the “Scorekeeper” which is an internal concave ring that keeps score for the avid fan with just a turn of the crown.

Columbia. Trying stuff since 1938.