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The Citizen Eco-Drive Collection is the most recognized and best-selling mid-priced light powered timepiece collection in the world.

It starts with a simple, yet revolutionary concept; a watch that never needs a battery. Citizen Eco-Drive technology harnesses the power of light, from any natural or artificial light source, and converts it into energy which is stored in a permanently rechargeable lithium-ion cell. It recharges continuously in any kind of light to run forever. Powered any by light, it never needs a battery.

In addition to Eco-Drive Technology, CITIZEN is also a leader in Atomic Timekeeping Technology. Atomic Timekeeping Technology uses radio signals from the atomic clocks in the Northern Hemisphere to receive accurate time both automatically and on-demand. The watches internal receiver captures the signal and displays the accurate time. The margin of error is just one second in 100,000 years. Continuing the trend of technological advancements, in 2011, CITIZEN launched a light powered watch with Satellite Wave Technology. This collection features a precision satellite time-keeping system which synchronizes with navigational satellites orbiting in space. The Satellite Wave Technology allows the watches to receive signals from the sky to keep it exactly on time anywhere on earth. CITIZEN is always pursing a future of better, more precise timekeeping.

Whether you're shopping for yourself or a loved one, you won't be disappointed. Other popular styles include the chronograph watch with stopwatch capabilities. Choose from analog, digital, or dual displays. Water-resistant watches range from 50-200M to withstand an active lifestyle. For the classic man, a professional leather band might be more your speed. A two-tone bracelet blending silver and rose gold feels very much on trend. Titanium, canvas, nylon, and polyurethane are also popular options not to be ignored. With styles ranging from dress models to sport models, there is a perfect CITIZEN watch for every consumer.