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Chloe Kids

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Define grace at an early age with whimsical tops and effortless bottoms from Chloe Kids.

Enhance her sweet personality with a breath of cheerfulness from delicate and dainty staple pieces that she can wear from season to season. Complete a charming finish when you play matchmaker with tops and bottoms from Chloe Kids.

Send her off in style with a wardrobe that mimics mom or a creation made completely on her own!

Chloe Kids: Selected For You

Chloe Kids

Sweater w/ Stripes and Logo (Little Kids/Big Kids)

$59.99MSRP: $132.00

Chloe Kids

Suede Platform Sandals (Little Kid)

$121.00MSRP: $308.00

Chloe Kids

Scalloped Leather Sandals (Little Kid)

$77.00MSRP: $308.00

Chloe Kids

Milano Sweater w/ Copper Horses (Little Kids/Big Kids)

$138.60MSRP: $198.00

Chloe Kids

Turtleneck Dress w/ Stripes and Logo (Little Kids/Big Kids)

$69.30MSRP: $198.00

Chloe Kids

Knitted Dress w/ Ruffles on Sleeves (Big Kids)

$113.85MSRP: $253.00