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Fit. Function. Transparency. Irreverence. Since 1989, these are the concepts that Chaco® adults and childrens sandals and shoes hold above all others. From new style introductions to changes in tread pattern or glue formula, everything passes a litmus test to determine whether it's truly an improvement. In addition, most Chaco® sandals and shoes can be re-soled, a process that saves resources and dollars. In order to maintain the high level of quality, Chaco® addresses the dynamics of the stride with what they call ADDSTRIDE, a combination of footbed contour for pure alignment to the body and to the adventure, function specific materials and outsole geometries designed to enhance the walking motion. Chaco sandals and shoes are designed to cross the boundaries between performance and casual, comfort and aesthetics. Versatile shoes for active adults and children.

From glue bonds to stitch lines to polyurethane formulations (CHAPU™), Chaco® sandals and shoes are second to none in quality. With the ADDSTRIDE footbed technology added into their products, each shoe or sandal ensures a supported, comfortable stride in any activity and as a result, has been awarded the Seal of Acceptance by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA).

Chaco® children's shoes are made with the same innovative technology and ADDSTRIDE footbed that the adults shoes are. Chaco® really knows what it means to make quality children's shoes that are also fashionable and functional. Each pair is made to withstand hours of play because the ADDSTRIDE footbed delivers lasting arch support and alignment for a long and lovely ride.

Not only does Chaco® focus on the quality of their products, but also quality of life. By creating a product that outlasts the competition, and is able to repaired or resoled, Chaco® makes strides to create a product that can last as long as possible without the need to throw it in a landfill. When you put on a pair of Chaco's it should mean something—your best day, a feeling of freedom, a life of adventure. Wearing Chacos is the first step to the day’s lovely ride.

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