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About CEP

CEP In 2007, medi — a world-leader in medical compression products — launched the most advanced sports compression sock on the market, CEP Compression Sportsocks. With 50+ years of experience in medical compression, CEP sets the standard for compression sportswear.

Every athlete, regardless of profession or skill level, profits from properly designed compression products, and according to the latest scientific research conducted, CEP compression products provides additional oxygen to the muscles, increasing power and recovery. Together with their customers and partners it is CEP's goal to become a qualitative and quantitative leader in the compression sportswear market and to continue to develop within this field.

Over the past several years, there has been a high demand for compression running socks and other athletic compression products. Along with CEP's medical background and medi-usa's ultimate compression technology, the concept of compression socks for runners and other athletes has soared to the next level! With a consistent 5% increase in athlete's performance, as well as a drastic reduction in recovery time and increased lactic-acid metabolization, you'll notice the difference in your performance right away. The many benefits of CEP compression socks are truly unparalleled. CEP has already become a household name in the athletic community in Europe and is quickly gaining popularity among the endurance athlete community here in the states.