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All about Castañer

Castañer sandals, Castañer shoes and Castañer boots evoke a playful and fun attitude to your wardrobe. Castañer’s wedge sandals, from a reasonable 5 cm to a dizzying 11 cm, are mostly wrapped in hemp rope as well as these unusual materials: woven straw, rattan and wicker. Castañer has been known to also combine materials such as seersucker or patent leather into their sandals.

History 1927 The Castañer Company, as it is today, was founded in 1927 by Luis Castañer and Tomas Serra. It was the developing result of an initial espadrille workshop, whose business goes back in their family to the year 1776, when the first espadrille maker Rafael Castañer was born. They are very proud to have spanned four different centuries.

1936 The company went through many difficult times, such as the Civil War in 1936, when it was nationalized because its production was of military interest. Soldiers were sent to the front lines wearing espadrilles and in the 1950’s the company faced a major crisis with the arrival of vulcanization and injection and the creation of the well-known 'Chirucas'.

1960 In the mid 1960’s, with their parents, Lorenzo and Isabel, already running the business, and during a Trade Fair in Paris, the foremost designer of the time, YSL, ordered a high-heeled espadrille, a real novelty which had never been produced in all the centuries of the espadrille existence. This was the launching point of the company, as it is today. In fact, the espadrille suddenly changed from a shoe for country folk to a luxury fashion footwear article.

2006 Through those years, Castañer has been gradually growing and the collection now includes Castañer sandals, Castañer shoes and Castañer boots. Exports to countries such as Japan, the EU, the USA, Switzerland, South Africa, Hong Kong, Taiwan etc., currently make up 60% of their output. Their articles are bought by high fashion customers in these countries and they are found in the wardrobe of film stars, glamorous ladies and famous people. Moreover, Castañer manufactures for some of the most prestigious brand names in the world of fashion and luxury products.

Castañer has reinvented the espadrille, a 200 year old item, and kept it fresh in a time when everything seems "so 10 minutes ago".