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Brighton's story is really a love story that began over 30 years ago when high school sweethearts, Terri Kravitz and Jerry Kohl (who have now been married for many years), started their own specialty store. Being store owners taught them that people love being treated specially and how important it is to have beautifully made products. Years later, in 1991, Brighton was launched with a single collection of belts. Over the years, Brighton has become an accessory company with something for everyone, including handbags, shoes and eyewear.

As their journey has continued, everyone at Brighton continues striving to offer something creative and different to touch people's hearts — which is why the symbol and motifs adorning the products is a heart. Today the business has grown beyond Jerry and Terri's wildest dreams, yet one thing never changes - the people of Brighton put passion, inspiration, and their hearts into each piece you see.

The company prides itself on the "Brighton Difference", which is rooted in the philosophy that the difference is in the details. Brighton is one of the few remaining design houses where designers sketch each creation by hand and then follow the product from concept to completion. Brighton leather accessories are hand assembled and often require as many as 140 individual manufacturing steps using up to 40 different parts. The results are timeless creations that women have come to love.