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Biscotti, Inc. ? Capturing the Enchantment of Childhood

Biscotti, Inc., founded in 1986, has been at the forefront of designing girls´ clothing specifically for special occasions since its inception. For over 20 years, Biscotti´s dresses and outfits have captured the charm and romanticism of high-fashion women´s clothing and made it available for girls of all ages. Bernadette Reiss, head designer and owner of Biscotti, is passionate about incorporating couture style into her designs. This passion has helped Biscotti grow from a single division to multiple divisions including Kate Mack girls´ clothing and Baby Biscotti girls´ clothing.

Girls of all ages, from newborns to the fashion-conscious teen, can always find a Biscotti design they utterly adore. By taking inspiration from both classic and modern clothing designs, Biscotti is able to create new, fantastic styles perfect for formal occasions. Zappos carries enough variety of styles so that sophisticated girls will never be forced to don the same outfit twice. Every special occasion calls for its own unique outfit, such as Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter, Thanksgiving; semi-formal occasions such as school and birthdays; or casual occasions such as a day at the beach, frolicking in the snow or a day of play. With every dress, shrug jacket, swimsuit, or pant she´ll find lace, polished pearls, dainty linen, silk, flowers, and ruffles that shimmer with a hint of sophistication and dash of whimsical fun. Adorn her with style, adorn her with Biscotti.

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