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Bettye Muller

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New York-based designeer Bettye Muller is known for creating shoes so beautiful and special, they're converstation-starters-but with a surprise: they’re as comfortable as they are gorgeous. Bettye Muller shoes stand out in a crowd while holding up to a 24-hour lifestyle. This alchemy has made the brand a cult favorite among chic women. Bettye herself is as beloved as her shoes and just as charming and engaging.

The melding of aesthetics with modern calls for comfort comes naturally to Bettye, a former competitive ice skater. Her approach to design blends balletic grace with an athelete's edge.

Known for her luxurious fabrics, Bettye gathers textiles in her travels from Lake Como to Morocco to South America, with mood boards swathed in striped linen, Bordeaux-toned Thai silk, rich wool plaids, velvety calf hair and fine Italian leather. It is here that Bettye personally tests each and every shoe before it goes into production.

Faux fur-lined interiors, Lucite buckles, vibrant beadwork and sparking appliques are just a few special touches that distinguish Bettye Muller's very recognizable footwear. Says Bettye: "They're original, stylish, fun-and always unexpected."