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Ben Sherman

Ben Sherman Logo
In 1963, Ben Sherman came back from America with the idea of making a button-down shirt. Having noticed the style adopted by polo players of the time who used the button-downs to keep their shirt collars where they should be while riding, he set about creating his own. Taking inspiration from his father’s work as a tailor, he created an icon and this practical, yet stylish garment was soon adopted by a set of style leaders back in England.

The swinging Sixties gave British youth culture more fashion, money, and freedom than ever before. The feeling was that there simply had never been anything on the English scene like the pale pinks and blues, candy stripes, and gingham of these expertly tailored garments. The Ben Sherman shirt was revolutionary and so was the mod movement.

Now in business for five decades, the Ben Sherman® brand has been embraced by almost every youth culture or style movement since the mods and is worn by the bands and fashion leaders of the current decade. Ben Sherman now presents a full lifestyle offering—from chinos to sweaters, tees to outerwear—and continues to embrace a heritage of modernism.