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Sabre Vision is the definitive raw social reaction to saturated corporate surroundings, a brand dedicated to re-creating a new and original balance of creativity, community, and lifestyle with their crew of psychedelic anarchists.

Originating from a beachside suburb of Sydney, Australia in 2004, Sabre Vision originally started as a blog style website with random postings and bumper stickers. Momentum built and in 2006, the movement that originated in Sydney relocated to California to become a business.

Since then, Sabre has moved on to create a line of products for all the streetwear savvy connoisseurs, with Sabre Vision sunglasses that define a culture with their bold and sometimes irreverent styles. Owned and ran by surfers and skateboarders alike, Sabre is a brand that evolved naturally from street culture, bringing affordable products to the kids that don’t want the same ol’ mainstream styles that all look and feel the same.

More than the sum of their products, Sabre is a lifestyle, with an interactive website and blog that thousands of people across the world visit every day. Need that extra kick of style into your street smart look? Then keep those peeps covered with the sharp style of Sabre Vision.

Hang loose mother goose.

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