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About Riedel

Riedel The Riedel family opened its first glass factory in 1756 and has been in the glass business for 11 generations. Their business evolved from making window panes and chandelier parts to developing elegant, unadorned stemware.

As a wine glass company, Riedel crafts the finest glasses, enhancing your wine and your table. The shape of a Riedel glass makes it an instrument of pleasure and the designs are as casual and contemporary as the stemless "O" glass or as elegant and timeless as the hand-blown Sommeliers series.

Specializing in leaded crystal stemware, Riedel produces mouth-blown, handmade glassware as well as non-leaded machine made glassware. Many design awards have been bestowed upon the company, and the Museum of Modern Art in New York displays Riedel to this day.

The "Sommeliers" series of wineglasses were first introduced about 30 years ago and they had the distinction of being the first stemware designed specifically for the character of the wine. The specially designed bowls encourage the full bouquet or "nose" of the wine to develop.

Today, that same Riedel innovation is found in the tall and proud "Vitis" series, the elegant Vinum series, the modern and casual stemless "O" series and continues on in the "Sommeliers" series of beautiful stemware. Riedel's wine and bar glasses are made for strength and clarity for everyday use.

The extreme clarity of Riedel glassware makes them ideal for serving water, fine wine, cocktails, champagne and other beverages at the dinner table. And the stunningly beautiful decanters Riedel makes will transform the ordinary tablescape into something quite extraordinary. Enrich your life with the timeless elegance of fine glassware from Riedel.