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Starting with a mission to hire women facing employment barriers in Detroit, Rebel Nell® educates and empowers their employees. Rebel Nell partners with local organizations to seek out women who have struggled to find and retain employment. They hire these women as Creative Designers, teaching them to craft unique, wearable art from fallen layers of graffiti, while providing services to support them on their way to self-sufficiency. At the heart of Rebel Nell is the graffiti where artists have told their stories across Detroit and beyond. From Michigan Central Station to Flint's The Rock, layers of graffiti and history have begun to peel away and fall from the walls. After it has fallen, Rebel Nell collects this paint and gives it a new life in our unique pieces. The talented Rebel Nell Creative Designers have crafted collections of beautiful bracelets, necklaces, cuff links, earrings, and rings for men and women.