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Haculla is a designer streetwear collection that was inspired by the iconic street art of Harif Guzman. These hip and modern designs are straight from the mind of owner and creative director Jon Koon and incorporate Guzman's 15 years of provocative street art. Guzman began tagging the streets of New York in early 2000 and became recognized for his work soon thereafter. He has since transitioned from a street artist into a contemporary painter. Haculla's first collection is inspired by and references Guzman's "Dark Ages" characters. The original series is an examination of the old masters in classical art. Within this series Guzman juxtaposes his signature street art characters with iconic styles often depicted in old master paintings. Haculla's trendy tees and modern harem pants bring streetwear style to a whole new level. Haculla offers a theatrical style that cannot be ignored. When urban meets classic, you can never go wrong with the styling of Haculla.