Diba Logo
Mr. Joseph Butrus founded Diba Shoes, based out of St. Louis, MO, in 1990. Distributed throughout North America, Diba is a mainstream brand of proven fashion shoes.

Diba´s strength comes from the continuous flow of hot new looks adopted from our international design teams. Diba pumps, Diba boots, Diba flats and Diba sandals fancy the feet of women wanting everyday casual styles as well as career classics.

So, what´s in a name anyway? The name Diba was formed from an acronym using the words Dutch, Italian, Brazilian, and American. Here´s what each letter means: D: The D is for Dutch design because Bronx footwear inspires Diba shoes. Frits Dijkmans and his design team in Holland design Bronx shoes. I: The I is for Italian development. The Dijkmans design team works in unison with the finest artisans in Italy to produce the hottest new bottoms, materials, toe character, and heel shapes in the world. B: The B is for Brazilian manufacturing. Most of the Diba shoes are produced in Brazil using great leathers and fine factories. Our Diba Design Team often works with factories to develop new and improved ways of producing beautiful fashion footwear, thereby allowing us to offer the best quality possible. A: The A is for American ingenuity. Diba´s World Headquarters in St. Louis is always looking for the most effective way to bring high quality, high fashion shoes to American women.

Diba Shoes has selection ranges from timeless flats, pumps and boots, to fun casual shoes, to sexy and slightly edgy designs. There´s something for every style and occasion, work to after-work dinners, Diba shoes have you covered!