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Zirh Shave Basics Kit (Prepare 30ml, Shave Gel 100ml, Soothe 100ml)

SKU: #8125662

Product Information

  • With this must-have grooming kit from ZIRH, you'll always be able to have a smooth, comfortable shave no matter if you're on the road or at home.
  • A $66 value!
  • The Shave Basics Kit includes:
    Prepare Shave Oil (30ml):
    This light, unscented shave oil was formulated to soften facial hair and create a frictionless shave for a smoother finish. Passion flower extract and safflower seed oil nourish the skin while vitamin E conditions and neutralizes free radicals.
    Shave Gel (100ml):
    The clear, non-foaming shave gel makes it easier to maintain sideburns and other facial hair, and helps avoid unwanted irritation. Aloe vera, ginseng, seaweed extract and glycerin hydrate, calm and nourish your skin.
    Soothe (100ml):
    This post-shave treatment combats redness, razor burn, dryness and other shaving-related irritations. Works superfast to cool, calm and enhance the appearance of freshly shaved skin.