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About Xen Tan

Xen Tan We all know the harmful side effects of tanning, whether it's lying poolside or in a tanning bed. Sure, there are self-tanning products all around, but most are notorious for leaving orange streaks that resemble nothing natural. Like many people, Dera Enochson was sick of seeing orange, so she spent two years developing XEN-TANĀ®.

XEN-TAN is dedicated to the science of self-tan. They make the highest quality sunless tanning products, and carefully formulate their line to give the most realistic results available. They deliver the most innovative ingredients and advanced technology available for both men and women.

The formulas can take years of research and trials to produce because XEN-TAN wants to deliver quality products that work for every skin tone. Enochson wants to give the same sunny glow to everybody, whether you don't have the time to tan or just don't have the skin tone that tans naturally outdoors.

So what are you waiting for? It's time to strip off the layers and show everybody the new glowing, natural-looking tan you achieved using XEN-TAN!