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Western Chief Kids Let it Rain, Let it Rain.

The way kids look at raindrops and puddles, the wetter the better! Fortunately, the menagerie of water resistant products available in Western Chief will keep kids as dry as they want to be. There is something magical about the relationship kids have with the Western Chief characters. Some kind of special bond is created when the two come together. Kids and the Western Chief characters become inseparable.....often refusing to part, especially at bedtime.

Western Chief Kids dedicates itself to making sure your kids stay warm, dry, and of course as adorable as possible! With a wide line of rain, and winter gear Western Chief makes major strides to create a great style and look that is both functional and affordable. From Thomas the Tank Engine to Hello Kitty and including their own list of characters such as Blue Dino, and Pretty Pony your kids will fall head over heels for Western Chief Kids!

Beginning in 1891 Western Chief set out to produce outdoor boots that were able to stand up to the harsh weather conditions of the Alaska Gold Rush. Now Western Chief´s product line stands up to the harsh conditions of the playground on a daily basis. Western Chief is a brand who has built itself on a creed that their success is the direct result of their customer´s satisfaction with their products. With this Western Chief have committed themselves to constantly expanding their line to provide as diverse of products as possible. Whether the weather is sleet and snow, or wet and wild, Western Chief Kids is always up for the adventure!