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Tweezerman Sole Mates Foot File & Smoother

SKU: #7754200

Product Information

  • These two expert foot grooming tools are stored in one clean and compact package.
  • Each side provides a specialized tool for and expert pedicure experience. A stainless steel micro file effortlessly removes dead skin and reduces calluses, while a high-quality nickel finishing file buffs skin to touchable smoothness.
  • To use:
    For use on dry or dampened callused, rough skin. Soaking feet in warm, soapy water first can help moisten hard skin, making it easier to gently reduce tougher calluses. Start on the thickest areas of dead skin or calluses and gently slide tool back and forth. Pop off the file to easily empty shavings. Buff with the finishing file to smooth out the skin.

    After use, both sides can be washed with warm, soapy water and air dried.