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Do you crave the latest trends and styles for less? Does your heart race at the sight of a designer handbag, high-end sunglasses, or a chic new outfit? Would you like to save even more with a special coupon code? Are you tired of all these questions? Well, you're in luck! has all the answers to quench your curiosity. Every day offers special savings to soothe your cravings for all of the best brand names. You can get your guilt-free daily fix for less at vs. your local department store. Sign up for our Daily Deals, follow us @shop6pm on Twitter, friend us on Facebook, and check back regularly for special coupon codes and promotions.


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How do I use coupons?

In your Shopping Bag, enter in the coupon code in the Gift Certificate or Discount Coupon [+] box. Click on the [+] to expand the field.

After uploading the total, click "Update Merchandise Total". See below:

All coupons MUST be applied in the shopping cart, before the checkout process has been finalized. Coupons CANNOT be applied after your transaction has been completed. All coupons are first-come first-serve, and are only valid for their stated time-frame, or usage allotment.

P.S. There's no need for scissors.

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