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About Therm-a-Rest

Therm-a-Rest Therm-a-Rest is a pioneer in the outdoor world, creating the first self-inflating mattresses on the market. Their lightweight mattresses self inflate by opening a small valve, which causes the open-celled foam on the inside to respond by soaking up air (think of it as a sponge absorbing liquid). Once a Therm-a-Rest mattress has been inflated, the firmness may be adjusted by adding or releasing air. It´s quick, simple and easy.

No matter what your outdoor expedition entails, Therm-a-Rest has got the right mattress for you. They offer four different series of mattresses to include the: Fast & Light Series, Trek & Travel Series, Camp & Comfort Series, and Hunt Series. Each collection contains mattresses designed to meet the specific needs of any level camper. From beginners to more hardcore adventure seeking folk, Therm-a-Rest has got your back.

Three decades after inventing the self-inflating mattress, Therm-a-Rest remains the most trusted name in outdoor comfort. They have maintained this position by continuing to offer users what no imitator can: unmatched quality. Every mattress is made in their facilities in the U.S. and Ireland, using only the most reliable, innovative materials available. And they are put through rigorous lab and field testing to ensure performance in every situation. That´s why Therm-a-Rest can back up all their products with a lifetime warranty honored worldwide, and why they can still say with confidence that beneath every great trip lays a Therm-a-Rest.