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T3 T3 Source Hand-Held Shower Head

SKU: #8104971

Product Information

  • Uncontrollable gawking really does happen. It's a known side effect when you shower with the T3® Source Hand-Held Shower Head. When used with the T3 Hand-Held Shower Filter, your hair will become more beautiful, hair color more vibrant, and your skin noticeably softer and smoother. So gawk away, people!
  • Please note, this shower head can only be used with the T3 Source Hand-Held Shower Filter.
  • Regular household water often contains high levels of chlorine that damage the appearance and health of hair. And washing your hair frequently increases your exposure to chlorine.
  • Through a chemical filtration process known as Redox, the T3 Source Shower Filter transforms chlorine into harmless elements that are too large to be absorbed by hair and skin.
  • Copper, Zinc, and Calcium work together to convert and remove free-chlorine and other chlorine types.
  • Tourmaline produces negative ions and reduce water cluster size, which improves filtration as well as help to pH balance the water.
  • Low maintenance spray nozzle resists scale buildup, and features eight different spray settings to provide the most luxurious shower experience.
  • Features:
    Rated Service Flow: Max 2.5 gallons per minute.
    Filter Life: 3,000 gallons or 3-4 months.
    Max Working Pressure: 80 pounds per square inch.
    Max Operating Temperature: 120°F.
    Hose Length: 60".
  • To use:
    To ensure the unit is operating at peak performance, change the filter every 3-4 months or when the color indicator turns black. For best results, reverse the filter monthly.