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About SpiritHoods

SpiritHoods While we all yearn for a slice of individuality, we still have a tremendous affection for the bonds we have with family and friends – our tribe, if you will. Far from just some wild accessory, SpiritHoods represent the bond and connection you share with those closest to you. Whether the passion you have in your heart is for fashion, adventure, animals, music, nightlife, or the outdoors, SpiritHoods are a staple of your lifestyle.

Made with the highest quality faux fur, SpiritHoods have a feel and look that simply growls real. An enormous amount of effort is put into every design, with each hood having its own set of unique characteristics, charm and allure. With a SpiritHood, you get what you pay for: A unique, handcrafted item with a distinct personality, made here in our local economy.

The conservation and protection of both the planet and its animals is a firm belief held by the company. By partnering with and donating a portion of online proceeds to several non-profit organizations dedicated to wildlife conservation, SpiritHoods is doing its part to help.