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About Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker Inspired by life´s many lovely moments, Sarah Jessica Parker´s fragrance collection, LOVELY, captures the little things that inspire us in our journey through life. SJP´s iconic sense of effortless style is reflected in each of her beautiful fragrances.

Each uniquely personal scent in the Sarah Jessica Parker LOVELY collection speaks to a woman´s faceted moods. Dawn is a light and airy scent, reminiscent of light breaking through an early morning sky. Endless is a sparkling, effervescent fragrance brimming with flowers and infinite joy. Twilight is an intimate, romantic scent that´s steeped with warm seduction, inspired by an amber-hued dusk sky.

Sarah Jessica Parker´s premier Lovely scent is the ultimate in feminine charm. This timelessly beautiful fragrance is all about finding those “lovely” moments in day-to-day life. Right down to its vintage-inspired bottle, Lovely is truly as captivating as the woman who inspired it.