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About Robert Graham

Robert Graham "Knowledge Wisdom Truth"

These three words sum up Robert Graham apparel for men. Beyond creating exquisite and intricately detailed fashions for men, Robert Graham is passionate about the many cultures that face us all. These influences and inspirations gave birth to the phrase Knowledge Wisdom Truth. This message is sewn into each and every Robert Graham men´s apparel garment, sometimes hidden and sometimes obvious. As each fashion design is unique, so is the meaning behind Knowledge Wisdom Truth. These three words conjure different and unique meanings to each individual who reads them. Like art, the definition evolves and changes with what is special to each observer.

First came the Robert Graham shirt, then the buzz, and more shirts, and a groundswell of fans and admirers for Robert Graham apparel. And that was just the beginning. And now, the brand that has captivated consumers with its colorful, eclectically styled men´s woven shirts has extended its reach into a range of other categories, including knitwear, pants, shorts and jackets for men.

Designer Robert Stock was influenced by his father who loved beautifully tailored shirts. Robert Stock loves Savile Row style, an influence that continues to resonate today in the Robert Graham men´s apparel line, with its impeccable quality, exquisite detailing and wry, subtle wink of British-inspired humor. In 2000, Stock felt there was a void in the men´s sportswear market. With every collection looking as safe and uninspired as the next, he saw a big opportunity to design something fresh and unique and as importantly, challenge himself again. The results are evident; a Robert Graham shirt is the achievement of a designer inspired.

Stock senses the emotions he experiences when designing for Robert Graham men´s apparel are the same emotions people have when wearing Robert Graham. Designer Robert Stock explains, ¨Expressing yourself without reservation, without explanation, just feeling confident. Enjoying a life well lived. That is my vision for Robert Graham.¨