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About Red Jacket

Red Jacket Red Jacket has made a name for itself with sports enthusiasts as well as participants with its retro influenced fashion. The name comes from the great Seneca Chief, OT-TI-ANI, which translates to always ready. During the Revolutionary War Chief OT-TI-ANI was bestowed a beautiful scarlet red jacket by a British officer and incidentally within the Seneca tribe, the color red was associated with both winning and success. To pay homage to the great Seneca Chief OT-TI-ANI and the color red, the name Red Jacket was used for the clothing line and his signature as the logo.

The mission of Red Jacket is to blend sports styling and bold fashion initiatives. Red Jacket features vintage graphics built upon the traditions of Major League Baseball, the NCAA, lacrosse and tennis. Red Jacket is the best of its kind representing the highest quality of the past.

There are the latest in Red Jacket hoodies, hats and t-shirts that combine progressive fashion with vanguard sports cultures. They prove that nostalgia does not have to be a novelty.

Don't blend in with the masses - wear something unique.