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About Rainforest


Bringing adventure and design to fine men's and women's outerwear, Jack Wu saw the need to use high-quality materials at a time when the world of outerwear was just starting to experiment with material composition and style. Wu had been working at his family’s Taiwan-based textile business, creating some of the richest designs for other companies. In 1986, Wu left Taiwan for the United States and started Rainforest™ with a goal of putting a fresh spin on the outerwear industry.

The Rainforest collection of upscale men's and women's garments blends together stylish materials that can take the customer from the woods to the urban jungle all while looking great. Their coats, vests and jackets are designed to look great any time of day, bringing urban sophistication to the great outdoors. With great technological underpinnings such as waterproof, weatherproof, down and other outdoor specific features mixing together with modern style, a Rainforest is designed to be the right outerwear piece throughout the year.

Choosing Rainforest Outerwear means treating yourself to cool luxury. With more than 25 years of experience under his belt, Jack Wu’s company has built a line of clothing with a personal touch put into every piece while staying ahead of the curve in modern sophistication. Rainforest is all about looking your best and feeling great, and when you try one on you’ll see that the hype was well worth the price of admission.