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Revo Headwall Polarized

SKU: #7567751

Product Information

  • Overcome any headwall that comes your way with the aggressive good looks and unsurpassed technology of the Revo® Headwall Polarized.
  • 1.8mm thin glass lenses are thinner and more lightweight than the 2.2mm industry standard and have polarizing filters that block 99% of glare. Revo offers improved optical correction (de-centered lenses) for curved lenses. This means "taper-corrected lenses delivering truer optics."
  • The anti-reflective coating contributes to glare reduction and eliminates any light that bounces off the inside of the lens.
  • Element Shed™ is both Oleophobic (repels oils such as those from finger smudges or lotion) and hydrophobic (repels water from sweat, rain, or fog) ensuring the lens stays clean. Lab tests show that Revo's Element Shed lens coating stays on for the life of the product, whereas competitor coatings wipe off after 25 lens cleanings.
  • Innovative Revo Polarcast™, a proprietary polarization technology that blocks glare being reflected off of flat surfaces like water, snow, and the road.
  • Hand-sculpted and polished acetate frames are made of multiple layers to product a variety of colors, textures, and patterns.
  • Full-frames offer all-around coverage where protection from the sun is most important, making them ideal in activities where light (especially polarized light) is excessive, such as when on the water or when skiing.
  • Motion Fit™ balances the pressure points and stays in place during sport activities. The straight stem design is great for helmet wearers.
  • Graphite is a neutral tint that allows the world to be seen as it was made to be. It's the lens choice for activities like cycling, climbing, or even driving, where true color is critical. 10% light transmission.
  • Cobalt is the ultimate lens for life on the water. This Revo Polarcast lens kills the glare and reduces the blue light, allowing you to see what you should be seeing: the water. 9.4% light transmission.
  • Color contrast and depth perception at its finest, bronze is the king of lenses for activities like golf, mountain biking, and shooting. 9.4% light transmission.
  • Case included.
  • Dimensions:
    Lens 59mm W x 37mm H
    Bridge 17mm
    Temple 122mm