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About ONETrueSaxon

ONETrueSaxon ONETrueSaxon was set up by ordinary blokes obsessed with decent clothing. Brimming with sartorial elegance for discerning punters everywhere, they pass on the pride they take in their kit with expertly fresh craftsmanship.

Instead of chasing offensively conspicuous trends, ONETrueSaxon goes in for impeccably crafted pieces that define a man instead of a whim. Unapologetically tailored shirts and jackets, the cleanest denim jeans and simply unassuming polos round out the collection. By cultivating a look that blends the timeless and modern seamlessly, you'll be able to focus on your life, not your looks.

Fashion is transient, style is timeless. We are not a fashion product. We don't chase trends or second guess crazes. You choose which you are: someone who enjoys fashion or someone who enjoys style.