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About Mavi Jeans

Mavi Jeans Maviā„¢ Jeans philosophy is to build a brand around perfect fitting jeans that convey a Mediterranean feeling in terms of fashion and detail. Maviterranean is sexy, intimate, inspirational and breezy. Mavi, which means blue in Turkish, is known for high quality, great fitting and fashion-forward denim.

Mavi's Jeans development from a jeans brand to an international clothing brand has been achieved through a successful marketing strategy that evolved around the "Perfect Fit". The Perfect Fit is not just about fitting the body. It is also about fitting the culture. The connection of Mavi to its customer is more than just lifestyle. It is being a part of their life and the consumers being part of Mavi clothing.

Founded in Istanbul in 1991, Mavi Jeans designs a full collection of jeanswear for young women and men. Mavi sells 7,000,000 pairs of jeans a year and is now sold at over 4600 specialty stores, better department stores and specialty chains stores in 50 countries including the US, Australia, Canada, Germany, England, Denmark, Italy, France and Netherlands. Mavi has flagship stores in New York, Vancouver, Montreal, Istanbul, Berlin and Frankfurt. There are 15 Mavi showrooms worldwide located in Istanbul, New York, Vancouver, Montreal, London, Frankfurt, Munich, Copenhagen, Brussels, Sydney, Zurich, Paris, Toronto, Milano and Amsterdam.