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About Krickette

Krickette Leah Ketcham, the co-founder and designer of Krickette™, was highly influenced by the vibrant culture of India during a trip she took back in 2009. In awe of the embroidery, color dyeing and block printing, as well as the unique fabrics and beads artistically woven into the material, Leah became passionate about creating a line that reflected the culture of lands so distant, yet near to her heart. Leah developed collections to share with kindred spirits who have a hunger for travel, crafts, and the work of local artisans.

Krickette is respectful of the issues that affect our daily lives as it integrates "green" and organic materials such as natural beads and jute. The brand embraces the local workforce and manufactures some of its products in the garment industry in downtown Los Angeles. This colorful handbag brand seeks to improve the lives of mothers and children by securing its textiles and artisan touches from charitable community groups in foreign lands.

Krickette’s handbag and travel bag collections are timeless and do not fall into a seasonal category. They are to be enjoyed by women around the globe who appreciate fun, chic and leisure-oriented clothing. Krickette’s clients are citizens of the world, with a sense of whimsy and irreverence.