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About KangaROOS

KangaROOS all starts here. The jogging craze is sweeping the States and a guy named Bob Gamm needs a place to store his keys and change while he's out for his daily jog. As necessity is the mother of invention, Gamm came up with a design for an athletic shoe with a small zippered pocket.

The KangaROOS shoe was born.

Life was good in the ’80s. Kids were cruising around blasting their boom box, listening to Madonna, Duran Duran and Culture Club. Pac Man, Donkey Kong and Froggy were the popular games at the arcade. Hair was big and some items were just plain essentials: leg warmers, shoulder pads and of course you had to have your KangaROOS. The brand was one of the top 10 US brands in the ’80s and was the first to offer runners a real sports technology - the NASA tested Dynacoil cushioning system. KangaROOS footwear began appearing on a number of high profile U.S. sports stars like baseball's Ron Darling, basketball superstar Clyde "the Glide" Drexler and Chicago Bears legend Walter Payton.

Through the ’90s KangaROOS had gained such a strong following that it began to widen its product offering. It started to introduce apparel and footwear collections for the leisure, outdoor and fashion markets and blazed a trail through Europe and beyond.

With over 30 years of history and credibility, KangaROOS are on the verge of a population explosion. Available in over 50 countries, KangaROOS shoes continue to offer a diverse range of directional styles fusing fashion, color, comfort and style - ever inspired by their roots in authentic performance.

From classic kicks to sleek new racers every shoe still has a pocket. The brand is about an attitude, not a specific age or demographic, and is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

Take your sense of style and comfort to the next level with a fresh pair of KangaROOS shoes. Whether you're looking for KangaROOS men's shoes, KangaROOS women's shoes, or KangaROOS kid's shoes, has got you covered!