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About Ipath

Ipath IPATH found its beginnings in the streets of San Francisco to the back alleys of New York City. It represented a group of skateboarders who ventured on a journey to explore what being a part of skateboarding meant to them. The idea was to promote being true to yourself and following your path to wherever that may lead you.

Today IPATH strives to make the best products possible while reducing their impact on the environment. As part of their ongoing commitment to the planet, they´ve taken large steps to improve the overall quality and fit of their footwear. IPATH has been involved with skateboarding for over 10 years and the brand has always been driven by its raw and creative outlook towards skateboarding and its culture.

Backed by the likes of Fred Gall, Kenny Reed, Matt Rodriguez, Steve Nesser, Bob Burnquist, Jaws, Jack Sabback, Ben Raybourn, Ryan Lay, and Danny Dicola, IPATH will continue to promote sustainable business practices while remaining true to our skateboard roots.