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Heelys Nano Inline Footboard

SKU: #7724899

Product Information

  • Click here for a Heelys size chart.
  • Yes! The first ever inline footboard has arrived! Kick up your Heelys® performance to the next level with the Nano.
  • The Nano Inline Footboard allows you to use your Heelys shoes in a new way: faster, farther, longer.
  • You can use any single-wheeled style, old or new. Just remove the wheel from the right or the left shoe, click into the Nano, and skate away.

  • Graphic inserts on the top: removable clear deck plate and interchangeable inserts let you express yourself.
  • Sole-Link™ adapter: 5 steel axles compatible with all Heelys Mega and Fats styles.
  • Dual Mega Wheels: 2 large wheels offer high clearance and maximum stability and can handle a variety of terrain.
  • Tritan™ material: Built with Eastman Tritan polyester which is lightweight, BPA-free.
  • Shoes are not included.