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GUNNAR Optiks Wi-Five Digital Performance

SKU: #7650750

Product Information

  • See clearly and get optimal clear viewing in these compact lenses.
  • Part of the Catalyst Collection.
  • GUNNAR Optiks makes digital performance eyewear that enables the human visual system to achieve a higher level of performance while in front of any digital screen.
  • The Overall Benefits of GUNNARS:
    • Provides CONTRAST for enhanced visual accuracy and efficiency.
    • Enhanced DETAIL for sharper, clearer vision.
    • Increased visual ENDURANCE.
    • Decreased eye FATIGUE.
    • Reduced GLARE and visual noise.
  • fRACTYL™ lens geometry precisely tuned to specific distances for reduced visual stress when looking at digital screens.
  • NEOscopic™ technology is tuned for near viewing, but limited in variable viewing distances. Engineered specifically for computer users who log in long hours staring at the screen.
  • i-Fi™ lens coating filters transmitted light and protects the lens. The anti-reflective portion cuts down on distracting glare and extraneous light while several coatings cut down on water spots, smudging, fingerprints, and scratching.
  • iONik™ lens tint specially tuned to specific environments for maximum visual efficiency and increases ocular endurance while enhancing contrast for a sharper viewing experience.
  • diAMIX™ lens material offers an optically pure viewing experience. This specially formulated lens material is ultra light for comfortable, unobtrusive use and impact resistant for maximum durability.
  • i-AMP3D™ lens technology offers performance optics for the highest level of movie making in today's 3D viewer. Curvature in lenses with distortion free polarization provide wide-field viewing to enhance 3D effects. Optical quality maintains the highest level of detail, resolution, and clarity.
  • RXable. GUNNAR eyewear is available to come in custom prescriptions.
  • Dimensions:
    Frame Width: 130mm
    Lens: 32mm high x 60mm wide
    Bridge: 15mm
    Temple Length: 125mm
  • Measurements:
    • Temple Length: 121 310 mm
    • Frame Width: 132 310 mm
    • Lens Height: 29 12 mm
    • Weight: 0.7 oz
    • Lens Width: 29 12 mm
    • Bridge: 16 12 mm