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GUNNAR Optiks PPK Digital Performance

SKU: #7650739

Product Information

  • Go head to head with anyone, anywhere, anytime. For the professional gamer, the PPK from GUNNAR Optiks® is the only choice.
  • Part of the eSPORT Collection.
  • GUNNAR Optiks makes digital performance eyewear that enables the human visual system to achieve a higher level of performance while in front of any digital screen. GUNNAR eyewear also protects the eye from the negative side effects associated with using computers or television screens for extended periods of time.
  • The Overall Benefits of GUNNARS:
    - Provides CONTRAST for enhanced visual accuracy and efficiency.
    - Enhanced DETAIL for sharper, clearer vision.
    - Increased visual ENDURANCE.
    - Decreased eye FATIGUE.
    - Reduced GLARE and visual noise.
  • GUNNAR's proprietary i-AMP™ lens technology works with the human optical system to optimize visual performance when interacting with any digital screen. Users will notice an immediate increase in contrast, detail and optical resolutions as well as a decrease in glare and visual fatigue.
  • i-Fi™ lens coating filters transmitted light and protects the lens. The anti-reflective portion cuts down on distracting glare and extraneous light while several coatings cut down on water spots, smudging, fingerprints, and scratching.
  • fRACTAL™ lens geometry is precisely tuned to specific distances for reduced visual stress when looking at digital screens.
  • iONik™ lens tint is specially tuned to specific environments for maximum visual efficiency and increases ocular endurance while enhancing contrast for a sharper viewing experience.
  • diAMIX™ lens material offers an optically pure viewing experience. This specially formulated lens material is ultra light for comfortable, unobtrusive use and impact resistant for maximum durability.
  • Medium sized with medium lens coverage, the PPK fits a wide range of faces.
  • RXable. GUNNAR eyewear is available to come in custom prescriptions.
  • Dimensions:
    Frame Width: 134mm
    Lens: 32mm high x 59mm wide
    Bridge: 15mm
    Temple Length: 127mm
  • Measurements:
    • Temple Length: 127 mm
    • Frame Width: 134 mm
    • Weight: 0.74 oz
    • Lens Height: 32 mm
    • Lens Width: 59 mm
    • Bridge: 15 mm