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About gotta FLURT Kids

gotta FLURT Kids Kids have a mind of their own. They also have a style of their own. If you’re looking for style that will fit your little girl’s personality, welcome gotta FLURT® Kids shoes to the stage! This brand is designed for girls who know what they want. Urban sensibility meets affordable fashion to provide you and your daughter with fashion-forward, creative, inspired shoes.

Lively printed sneakers and updated boot designs allow her to embrace her funky side. You are looking for sensible style choices and she is in search of fun. Gotta FLURT Kids footwear helps you kill two birds with one stone. High-quality materials and style options won't break the bank. Bright colors and unique designs won't break her heart. Let her express herself with the fashion-forward designs and hip colors. A little sparkle here, a few stripes there, it won’t take much to make your little girl smile.

Freedom of expression is what it's all about. She wants to look cool and have fun; you want her to have what she wants but still have money in the bank. Evolution is the key and gotta FLURT Kids footwear is at the head of the class. Teach her to be bold, to be free, to have fun, and to be herself.